Secular Hungary

Secular Hungary

No agnostics in Hungary

Census is up and running in Hungary, and as I mentioned earlier, due to an intervention of the former president, László Sólyom, the Statistics Office has to ask about religion, though answering is not compulsory this time, either. The Catholic church and one of the Jewish communities have launched campaigns to reach not really closely affiliated people, but there’s also a Facebook event that calls Jedis to arms.
The question itself is not too badly phrased, asking „What religious community or church do you feel you belong to?.
The online version offers first a long list of religious communities, taken from the free text answers given in the last census and the tax office’s database that contained all religious communities that were entitled until now to receive 1% of income taxes. Anyway, the Catholic church protested that one has to chose either Roman Catholic or Greek Catholic (the Hungarian term for Greek rite), so a „Catholic” without adjective has been added. As to the Lutherans, they find it will confuse their flock to find four synonyms of their denomination.
As a second answer, the questionnaire offers „No religious affiliation”, and as a third item, „Atheist”. So at least, unaffiliated believers can tick no affiliation with good conscience, and the division is clearly between religious affiliation, unaffiliated and atheist.
But no jedis, and no agnostics.


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