Secular Hungary

Secular Hungary

Canonising law

Do you want a more Catholic attitude to prevail in law in the long run?
No problem. Just cut down the number of state financed law students from 800 (contrary to the rumours, they did find jobs after graduation) to 100, and divide them between ELTE (which gets 50 state financed students this summer, while it used to train 350) and Pázmány Péter Catholic University.
Now, the new law on higher education does not forbid church universities to select their state financed students according to religious criteria not only in religious fields. Result after 1-2 decades: few lawyers, with one half of them believing that divorce is bad, women’s place is at home, and family, marriage and Christian values are more important than the well being of the people and their wish to make their own decisions about their life.–Where do you get someone to defend your rights in the complicated Hungarian law system?


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