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Secular Hungary

“Researchers” on the defense

The Society for Family Research (one of whose founding members Imre Téglásy, president of the Alfa Union – an NGO that has become notorious ca. 10 years ago when they tried to force a 13-year old girl who was inexperienced enough to confess her pregnancy to a catholic priest to carry her pregnancy to term) has been widely criticised because of its prejudice against anyone not living in a heterosexual procreation-oriented church-sanctioned marriage (for more details about the group, read the Contrarian Hungarian’s account of them: The Society argued that they were not discriminating against unmarried people and homosexuals, which is of course not quite the case, considering that they are promoting their preferred lifestyle as the only right and healthy one. Criticism has also come from the scientific corner, as the society’s approach is not scientific after all,  – they „know” their results before they do their research.

Meanwhile the motivation has also become clear: the new law on education rules that school has to provide education on family life (’családi nevelés’), and, as one of their supporters, Mrs Mónika Keresztes Rónaszékiné, Fidesz MP working in family policies, it is the intention of the government to ask for the society’s input regarding the content of the curriculum. Her husband, however, a Mr Rónaszéki seems to be interested also in other women, judging from his Facebook account showing deep insights into a young woman’s decolleté.

Anyway, the group realised that their views do not enjoy the support of the people, deleted the sources from their homepage and accused the daily Népszabadság of lying about the group’s aims. Unfortunately for them, some people were fast enough and published screenshots proving the contrary…


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