Secular Hungary

Secular Hungary

Semjén supporting crusadors

While the bishop of Canterbury just informed the public that wearing a cross is just s substitute for faith, British cross-crusader Christians are receiving invaluable support from Hungarian 1%-party leader and deputy prime minister Zsolt Semjén, who is famous for two things: his never failing support for the Catholic church and his never failing support for hunting. His activities regarding the latter include the initiative to allow the shooting of protected species and campaigning for looser weapon regulations. As to Church issues, it’s hopeless to give a full account of his projects, but he has just spoken up against the discrimination of Christians by the British government, which is saying that banning religious jewelery is not against religious freedom. In his opinion, the point the motif of the government is just to oppose the Catholic pope,  XVI Benedict, who spoke up against the plans of the government to provide more rights to homosexuals.


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