Secular Hungary

Secular Hungary

Failed ambitions

It seems that the baptists won’t be able to take over all secular schools in Vác, after all, but according to the weekly Magyar Narancs, it was not only parents’ and teachers’, but the other denominations’ protest that torpedoed the baptists’ ambitions to take over the education system of the town, which is a catholic bishop’s seat with faith schools from kindergarten to teacher training college.
The Christian democrat mayor, Mr Attila Fördős, informed headmasters last week about the Baptists’ offer to take over all kindergartens, primary and secondary schools. One thousand teachers and several thousand pupils would have had to abide by baptist teachings. At several schools, teachers already held votes, and some schools sympathised with the plans, as church run institutions receive more money from the central state budget than non denominational ones, and, as a teacher said, the new national curriculum makes religious or moral education compulsory, anyway. Some teachers also expressed hope that a sectarian setting would improve pupils’ discipline.
However, according to Narancs, local church leaders as well as the mayor are about to publish a statement that they consider the various meetings held last week as an opinion poll and that they will take teachers’ and parents’ opinion into consideration, which, according to local sources, means that the baptists plans will be cancelled for the time being.


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