Secular Hungary

Secular Hungary

Religiously balanced – according to Fidesz

Hungarian prime minister Viktor Orbán is reported to have expressed his concern for religious balance. Which he interprets along somewhat Lebanese lines: posts shall be distributed along religious lines, taking for granted that politicians are unable to overcome their ties and stick to the notions of reason, justice and public good, but remain nothing more than lobbyists for the religion they were born into.
After Mr Zoltán Balog, a protestant pastor became minister of human resources (a ministry including everything from culture and education to sports, social issues and health, with Mr Balog taking his portfolio of social inclusion with him from his old ministry, where he was a senior political leader, to his new one), the balance was a bit upset, so another leading protestant pastor, Mr László Szászfalvi, responsible for church-state relations, had to take his leave. Also, as prime minister Viktor Orbán, despite ostentatiously appearing with his family before the pope for an audience, is himself reformed, the new president had to be a Catholic.
This kindof reminds us of the 1930s, Fidesz’s most favourite period in Hungarian history. When Miklós Horthy, admiral of a country without access to the see and regent of a monarchy without any king, had to look for a new prime minister at the end of the 1930, his choice allegedly fell on Béla Imrédy because of his fervent catholicism. Mr Horthy himself was a protestant as many other leading politicians, while the Catholic church was just organising it’s eucharistic world congress in Budapest, capital of a country offered by its first king to the holy virgin Mary – so at least the prime minister had to be chosen from among the Catholics…


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