Secular Hungary

Secular Hungary

Biology is a hard subject…

…for Christian Democrat politicians, it seems. Hungary had to accept that the use of the pill RU486, which is used to induce abortions, is legal, since the drug has an EU license. This was quite hard on the state secretary for health, Miklós Szócska (KDNP, a party with a support of around 1% who made it into parliament on the back of Fidesz), who instantly added that though he can’t ban the use of the medicament, state hospitals will not get any license to buy and use it.

Meanwhile, an other prominent Christian democrat politician, Mr István Pálffy, member of the parliament, made a fool of himself by describing how he believes the pill is working. In an interview on 23 May on the tv station ATV, he explained that the pill contains ‘chemicals, acid, and the fetus is practically washed out with acid’.
As abortion is widely accepted as a last resort, even KNDP pays lip service to allwoing women to resort to abortion in certain cases of “deep distress”, though even Fidesz prime minister Viktor Orbán admitted earlier that the only reason they don’t ban abortion is because they would be kicked out of power.

István Pálffy on ATV


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