Secular Hungary

Secular Hungary

Not clean enough

Hungarian Jewry is very Hungarian inasmuch they are prone to internal conflicts. Those of MAZSIHISZ (Magyar Zsidó Hitszövetség, Hungarian Jewish Religious Alliance) have somewhat escalated. Rabbi Mr Zoltán Radnóti was interrogated by the police as a suspect of abusing personal data that are especially protected by the law. He had made public that one prominent Jew who is playing an influential role in the Jewish Alliance is not full-blood Jew enough to be entitled to certain roles in Jewish liturgy, as his mother is not a Jew but a catholic.
The rabbi answered with an open letter in which he accused Mazsihisz leaders of letting the police intervene in purely religious matters, thereby violating religious freedom.
(Of course it’s racist to deny someone full participation in spiritual maters due to his/her descent or “race”, but then, why should this be worse than denying certain spiritual roles to someone because they happen to be female?)

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