Secular Hungary

Secular Hungary

Foster children

Not only schools and homes for the elderly are run more and more by churches (which receive double funding from the central government), but also the management of the care for foster children. It is not quite clear though, why this is good for the state: it costs more than doing the job itself, while foster parents get the same rates. An even bigger problem is that churches are not necessarily up to the task: after getting an otherwise able foster parent (who has four grown children of her own) to fill out a couple of superficial tests, they started to take away her foster children. one by one, and tearing apart three sisters who were close to each other, as they had witnesst their mother’s dying. Three other psychologists (experts in the field) attested that the foster mother was perfectly able to look after the children, and there was no complaint about her work until the church took over the placement of foster children in the region.
When asked by the reporter what professional assistance the Saint Luke Greek catholic placement agency offers for foster parents, the reply was: “From Saint Luke, it is heavenly help that is to be expected in the first place.”


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