Secular Hungary

Secular Hungary

Registration of Jews (and anyone else, too)

There has been great outrage about MP Márton Gyöngyösi’s (of the near-neo-nazi Jobbik) proposal to register Jews, and a big rally against antisemitism was held last Sunday in Budapest with speakers from both opposition parties and the governing Fidesz (though prime minister Viktor Orbán is refusing to condemn Mr Gyöngyösi’s speech). But those who are outraged now forget that Fidesz has already decided some time ago to register people’s religion.
Sectarian religious education will become compulsory at state schools from September 2013. In order to fulfill this legal duty, schools will be compelled to register the religion of each pupil. This means that unless parents of all denominations collectively refuse to give their denomination and enroll their children in ethics instead of sectarian religious education, there will be a register for all recognised religions quite soon.


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