Secular Hungary

Secular Hungary

Another couple of billions…

Not only many private persons took cheap credits in euro or Swiss francs, but also the churches. At the time, credits in foreign currencies were much cheaper than credits in forints, but with the crisis the value of the forint declined and nowadays 1 euro costs 300 forints, as opposed to the 250 before the crises. Many people are unable to service their debts, partly because of the increased mortgage, partly because they have lost employment. The upper middle class (who is wealthy enough to buy themselves out) was able to buy themselves out of their debts at a discount price (while poorer people did not have the means to do so).
But also the churches considered these credits to be a good opportunity, and although they are not loosing their only abode, Fidesz MP Mr János Lázár, close associate to the prime minister suggested the state should take over the churches’ foreign currency debts. Which would mean another couple of thousand million taxpayer money for the churches.


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