Secular Hungary

Secular Hungary

Religious Education

Smaller denominations are fearing that religious education, which will become gradually compulsory at state schools from September 2013 will in practice mean catholic indoctrination. Although any of the thirty something accredited denomination has the right to provide religious education at schools, in practice a minimum of 7 children per class are required, and in a talk on public tv, Mr László Donáth, a Lutheran pastor, said that smaller denominations such as his will not be able to collect enough children, so parents who want their kids to receive some christian . State secretary Mr Bence Rétvári, a Catholic himself, member of KDNP and former president of the IKSZ assured him that no proselytising is intended, while Gábor Horn, a liberal politician claimed that the state has no business in teaching religious values since it is no unanimity on which ones are to be taught.


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