Secular Hungary

Secular Hungary

The Vatican gives the lie to the Hungarian president

The Hungarian government keeps complaining that both the national and the international media does them wrong. However, now even the Vatican gave them the lie… Hungarian President János Áder went to pope Francis I. (together with family and political friends), and proudly announced afterwards to the Hungarian news agency MTI that the pope has accepted his invitation to Hungary for 2016, the 1700th birthday of Saint Martin, who was born in the Roman province of Pannonia, now the Western part of Hungary.
However, practically at the same time, Vatican spokesperson Federico Lombardi informed the media that the pope has received the invitation with joy and is seriously considering it, but it is way too early to say anything about the date.
Well, if the government hadn’t dismissed most of the experienced staff at the ministry of foreign affairs, and of course if they would listen, they would have got some help about how to interpret the pope’s answer. And if MTI weren’t so subservient, they could have prevented a laugh by double checking their sources. But anyway, we hope we’ll be lucky to save those 15 billion forints that a pope’s visit would cost the taxpayer…


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