Secular Hungary

Secular Hungary

Atheism in Hungary

Most Hungarians have no strong ties to their religion. Religious affiliation is in most cases rather a question of family tradition. Going to church is not a usual family programme on Sunday mornings. However, most people do believe in some kind of higher power, and around 10%-15% are religious enough to follow the teachings of a church and visit a service more or less regularly.

Still, there is no atheist, secular and skeptic organisation I know of that is actually working. There is a Skeptic Society (Szkeptikus Társaság), but they decided not to discuss anything related to organised religion and keep to debunking quacks and similar issues. If I missed something, please  tell me!

There are three groups on Facebook: the Atheist Club (, Atheism ( and the Atheist Church (, and an inactive group on the Hungarian facebook, IWIW:


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