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Religiously balanced – according to Fidesz

Hungarian prime minister Viktor Orbán is reported to have expressed his concern for religious balance. Which he interprets along somewhat Lebanese lines: Read more of this post


Catholic Soldiers

The Ministry of Defense is signing a cooperation agreement with Radio Maria (Mária Rádió), a catholic media organisation founded in 1983 and present in 55 countries. Its aim is evangelisation. In Hungary, Mária Rádió has been quite successful in applying for radio frequencies – they have received 16 local radio stations. The Hungarian branch of Radio Maria was founded in 1998 on the initiative of a member of the Hapsburg family.
By cooperating with the catholic radio station, the ministry wants to improve its image and promote careers in the military. The military gets weekly 15-30 minutes air time, which will be filled by a programme produced by the military chaplaincy. In exchange, the radio may use 500 square meters offices in a Gogol street building at a discount rate of 3 million forint a year.
These offices were used for almost free until now. By the workers’ union. To be precise: by the workers’ union of Kornél Árok and Péter Kónya, who founded the Hungarian Solidarity Movement (Szolidaritás) and were very openly critical of the government.

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