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Hungarian State Mass For Eusebio

This late Portuguese football player called Eusebio must have been a grave sinner, if even the Hungarian Ministry of Human Resources (which is led by a pastor of the reformed church called Zoltán Balog) has had a mass said for his soul on January 9th…


Compulsory Catholic Course for Foster Parents

Christian Democrat state secretary Mr Miklós Soltész has announced that foster parents are required to take a 400 lessons course developed by the Apor Vilmos Catholic College, whose rector, Ms Mária Fülöpné Erdő, the sister of Péter Erdő cardinal and respected member of the European congress of catholic bishops has just been featured in the media due to her textbook for religious education: In her book, 10-year-old children of Catholic parents are informed that “homosexuality is a deadly sin”.
The government uses EU monies to finance the course, but according to the daily Népszava, the 5300 million forints (ca. 18 million euro!) will be enough for only a fourth (1600 of a total of 5200) of all foster parents, making the course rather expensive.
The course, which takes 52 full days’ time, is compulsory also for part-time foster parents (who will spend 52 weekend days less with their foster children) or for people who undertook to raise the children of their dead family or friends. Parents not completing the course before 2017 will be rid of their children.

The Vatican gives the lie to the Hungarian president

The Hungarian government keeps complaining that both the national and the international media does them wrong. However, now even the Vatican gave them the lie… Hungarian President János Áder went to pope Francis I. (together with family and political friends), and proudly announced afterwards to the Hungarian news agency MTI that the pope has accepted his invitation to Hungary for 2016, the 1700th birthday of Saint Martin, who was born in the Roman province of Pannonia, now the Western part of Hungary.
However, practically at the same time, Vatican spokesperson Federico Lombardi informed the media that the pope has received the invitation with joy and is seriously considering it, but it is way too early to say anything about the date.
Well, if the government hadn’t dismissed most of the experienced staff at the ministry of foreign affairs, and of course if they would listen, they would have got some help about how to interpret the pope’s answer. And if MTI weren’t so subservient, they could have prevented a laugh by double checking their sources. But anyway, we hope we’ll be lucky to save those 15 billion forints that a pope’s visit would cost the taxpayer…

Money again

While the new minister of finances, Mihály Varga had to prepare a 100 billion (ca. 345 million Euro) austerity programme for 2013 in case the (over)planned income target won’t be achieved, he still found 1.1 billion (3.8 million Euro) to finish a new church building in Budapest’s Gazdagrét area. The church was built during the first Orbán-government (1998-2002) from state funds, but they ran out of money.

Orbán Is Worth A Mass

An Orban fan collective of unmarried girls and married ladies (no „women”, mind you, but „lányok”, i.e. girls, and „asszonyok”, i.e. married ladies) has paid for a Catholic thanksgiving mass on the occasion of prime minister Viktor Orbán’s 50th birthday on 31st of May. Mr Orbán happens to be a protestant, but the four youngest of his kids were baptised in the Catholic church, and he was received by the late pope John Paul II for an audience with his family. He also told the press that he himself didn’t intend to celebrate his birthday and asked his wife not to arrange any surprise party. Anyway, this is not the first time Orbán fans are a bit overdoing it: at a village event at the end of his first government, an elderly person came up to him and kissed his hand in the old, feudal manner. Still, this definitely is the manner he behaves towards „his” people, so no wonder some are behaving like subjects.
The mass will be held at the Belvárosi plébániatemplom, whose parish priest is a certain Zoltán Osztie, who is the head of the Christian Intellectuals’ Association.
Of course the Catholic Church is quite right to thank their god for Orbán – just now, he’s very active in telling everywhere – at home and abroad – that being christian is essential. In April he participated at a Catholic conference in Bilbao, Spain, where he stated that Europaeans cannot get rid of their Christian essence, in spite that Brussel is promoting an agressively secular agenda. He also told the newspaper El Mundo that a Christian Europe is better place even for non-believers. A week ago, he visited the church of Ják, one of the most important roman style monuments in Hungary, where he reiterated that Europe fell in the trap of agressive secularism, internationalism and is against families, while both Europeans and Hungarians can face the future only through putting prayer and work in the centre of their lives. On the 7th of May, he claimed again that Europe is against families, and that Hungary is being persecuted by the EU because Hungary protects the family (meaning one man, one woman and their progeny). By the way, if anyone has questiosn about the type of family Orbán wants to protect: as a nice coincidence, 200 pregnant women and their impregnators were invited for Mother’s Day (5 May in Hungary) to a matinee at the Opera—to watch The Taming Of The Shrew, a play by Shakespeare on pre-marriage domestic violence with the aim to break the young woman’s back. This happened just one week after MP József Balogh’s partner had to be taken to the hospital, allegedly because he beat her up. Balogh said it was their big blind dog over whom „Terike” (Theresa) fell, but Terike decided not to go back to him after she left hospital. Meanwhile, his ex-wife told the media that Balogh beat her constantly throughout their 25 years marriage (there are medical records around), and that she even had warned Terike about Balogh. Balogh is still an MP, although he has left the Fidesz faction.

Strange Teaching Methods

The Catholic religion teacher (a father of six children himself and a deacon) of Szvetnik Joachim Primary School in Mélykút used a somewhat strange methodology to teach his pupils about the sin of lust: he had a boy and a girl stand up in front of the class, undress and kiss each other in their underware (their age was not given; pupils in primary schools are between 6 and 14 years old). The parents were upset, the incapacitated headmaster pointed to the state authority for maintaining schools since most competences of 11 thousand headmasters were transmitted to the Klebelsberg Centre (Klebelsberg Kunó Intézményfenntartó Központ, or KLIK) on January 1st, 2013. According to the relevant legislation, although religious education is paid for from the state budget, it is the churches who decide about the teachers and the content of the teachings, but since the school is responsible for the children’s well-being, according to some, KLIK could well investigate, although they have not answered journalists’ questions so far. The Kalocsa-Kecskemét Diocese told the left-wing weekly 168 óra that they have contacted the Vatican for guidance in the matter. The deacon says he’s innocent and doesn’t understand a thing.

Call to Denounce

The coalition partner of the Fidesz government, the Christian Democrat Party (which is supported by around 1% of voters) has expressed their regret on their website that the election of the new head of the church (spelling „head” with a capital against the orthographic rules) many memes have appeared on the internet that are disrespectful and abusive, as well as comments that make fun of religious beliefs and are degrading, antihuman and show hate towards Christians. According to them bloggers have been competing to vilify and ridicule Roman Catholics and the Holy Father. Which in their opinion shows that the Hungarian press enjoys total freedom.
They continue to encourage their readers to file complaints against websites and bloggers based on the basic law (formerly known as constitution), which stipulates that the freedom of opinion may not used to violate the human dignity of others and the Hungarian nation, national, ethnic, racial and religious communities.
Any more questions about the stance of KDNP towards the freedom of speech?

Recycled Billboards

The government has recycled its anti abortion advertisements from last year. The ads, which (as usual in such cases) shows an already well-developed fetus asking „let me live and give me up for adoption”, were originally produced with EU funds meant to improve gender equality, but commissioner Viviane Reading protested, the government decided to cover the costs (110 million forints, i.e. ca. 38 thousand euros) from other funds. Now the government has given the ads with 25 million forints to the Ágota Foundation (Ágota Alapítvány), whose founder, Mr János Kothencz was sponsored by the Christian democrat (KDNP) MP, Mr Péter Harrach, for a job back in 2001-2002 in the administration of the town of Szeged, and who ran on behalf of Fidesz for a seat in the local council.

Religious Education

Smaller denominations are fearing that religious education, which will become gradually compulsory at state schools from September 2013 will in practice mean catholic indoctrination. Although any of the thirty something accredited denomination has the right to provide religious education at schools, in practice a minimum of 7 children per class are required, and in a talk on public tv, Mr László Donáth, a Lutheran pastor, said that smaller denominations such as his will not be able to collect enough children, so parents who want their kids to receive some christian . State secretary Mr Bence Rétvári, a Catholic himself, member of KDNP and former president of the IKSZ assured him that no proselytising is intended, while Gábor Horn, a liberal politician claimed that the state has no business in teaching religious values since it is no unanimity on which ones are to be taught.

The Loving Maltese

The head of the catholic Maltese order’s Hungarian charity (Máltai Szeretetszolgálat), the usually respected priest Imre Kozma has publicly stated with regard to the pope elections that he excludes that an African will become elected, as „they are not yet prepared to be able to deal with the problems of white people.”

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