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Good advice for tourists

A very important issue for István Tarlós, the new mayor of Hungary’s capital Budapest, who was elected last October was to rename a couple of streets and squares. Among the loosers was the U.S. who lost Roosevelt square, as well as the Russians, as Moszkva tér (Moscow square) was also renamed. One place bearing the name of an antifascist was named after Albert Wass, a Hungarian emigrant and second rate writer, who is very popular among today’s far right for his views…
Maybe the most symbolic of all these is that the square of the Republic was turned into Pope John Paul II. It’s symbolic value is obvious, but it goes further: ’Köztársaság tér’ was the seat of the communist party, and is notable for one of the (otherwise very rare) dark moments of the revolution of 1956: a mob convinced that after one week of revolution there were prisoners in the party house lynched a couple of young soldiers who weren’t willing to show them the inexistent secret prison couloirs int he cellar.

Tourists visiting Budapest are advised to be careful about the publishing date of the maps they buy.

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