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Church as Grace

The Law on religious freedom and churches has been amended to confer the privileges of ’church’ status to a further 13 religious communities. Though the law requires the Hungarian Academy of Sciences to give their opinion on the applicant communities religious character, its (otherwise abiding member of the ruling Fidesz), Mr József Pálinkás has declined to do so, so the relevant parliamentary committee (or, to be more precise, its Fidesz majority) has decisded on their own. According to MP Ildikó Lendvai (MSZP/socialist), when she asked why these communities were chosen and others not (such as Mr Gábor Iványi’s methodist community), she was finally told by MP Mr Tamás Lukács (KDNP/Christian democrats), that being awarded the status and privileges of a church is not a ’right but a grace’.

See the interview with Ms Lendvai on ATV:

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