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Top 10 Sexist Hungarian Politicians

You may remember, that for some people, the sinfulness of women is the cause of all bad things. Would you have thought that this includes homelessness? After Hungarian MP Mr István Varga stated that the cause of domestic violence is that wives are not bearing enough children, his colleague, the Christian Democrat Mr Tamás Lukács has now elaborated that women are responsible for homelessness, since if one visits a shelter, the story of 8 out of 10 men starts with „when I divorced…”, and the bill against domestic violence makes it possible to ban a man [who beats his wife and children] from his home.
The weekly Magyar Narancs has a top 10 list of the womanhaters of the „Respectable House” (as the Hungarian parliament is sometimes called):

1. Mr Blind Dog, József Balogh, ex-Fidesz: His wife had had to go to hospital int he middle of the night, after they came home from the wedding of the stepson. Balogh later claimed she fell over their blind shepherd dog („vak komondor”) and anyway, he didn’t remember much since he was tired and had drunk some alcohol at the wedding (which means his license should be taken away, since the alcohol limit is 0). The former wife claims she had told her successor about Mr Balogh’s beating habits.

2. György Gyula Zagyva, Jobbik, is reported to have said to MP Ms Ágnes Osztolykán: „Even though you’re a gypsy, I’d bang [lit.: stab] you.” He claims he said „they’d’, not „I’d”.

3. István Józsa, Socialists, has reportedly pulled the hair of Dr Anett Kubovicsné Borbély at a committee meeting. He claims she wasn’t shouting because of him but because she was angry about a violation of the rules. He also states that he has said „kiss your hands” to her ever since – which is a greeting form preferred by elderly men who have problems with independent women and think being „chivalrous” is a solution to their  problem. Especially younger working women (under 55 or so) find it patronising.

4. Isván Varga, Fidesz: the cause of domestic violence is that women do not bear enough children.

5. Tamás Deutsch, Fidesz, is rude through and through, preferably via Twitter. His twitter comment on an intervention of MP Tímea Szabó: „Timmie, the political blue-stocking on duty is showing her biceps.”

6. László Tahó, when asked by her to be quiet during the speech of her colleague, told the same MP Szabó: „What are you babbling here, girlie?”

7. István Klinghammer, state secretary for higher education and former rector of Eötvös Loránd University is a bit more complicated, but the gist is that small rural colleges will be enough for the local girls to get a degree in preschool education.

8. Viktor Orbán, prime minister (who alledgedly has been beating his wife for decades) just gave away his eldest daughter into marriage and showed his ideal world to be ne where men play football and the ladies weep at the wedding.

9. Zoltán Illés, state secretary insulted Ms Bernadett Szél– well, just read the statement of the CEU, where he teaches:

10. László Köver, Fidesz, speaker, whose job it is to keep things civil, and who actually finds this totally normal (as one journalist said, this sexist dialect is actually his mother tongue), while minor transgressions from the opposition parties are punished with heavy fines (MP Szabó had to pay one third of her allowance for holding a banner saying „Distribute land, don’t steal it”, referring to scandalous tenders for the lease of agricultural land belonging to the state).

No wonder, the Hungarian parliament has one of the lowest ratio of women MPs in the world…

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